PLC and SCADA Based Automation Control Panels

We offer superior quality , PLC based control panels, Electrical hardware base control panels . These Control panels are designed as per end user requirement . We undertake turnkey project with field instrumentation & interface with PLC. We have specialization in Pharma Pure Water Generation & Distribution Automation.

Advantages :

  • PLC panels are designed as per end user requirement.

  • Minimizes human interface with machine ,thus minimizes the possibility of error.

  • Whole system can be monitored & controlled at single junction.

  • Data logging of all processes parameters with alarm.

  • System set parameter can be changed as per end user requirement.

Application :

  • Pharma Industries for Pure Water Generation & Distribution.

  • General Water Treatment Automation.

  • Water Storage & Transfer.

  • For General Engineering Utility.

  • SCADA Package.

Feature :

  • Plant in Dynamic conditions

  • On Line Data

  • History Print Out

  • Fault Alarms Print Out

  • Trends Print Out.

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