MultiColumn Distillation Plant, Multi Column Distillation Plant

Multicolumn Distillation Plant

To industries where 100% pure Pyrogen - free water-for injection plays role, Multicolumn Distillation Plant is the perfect Multicolumn Distillation Plant solution. Available in capacities ranging from 80 - 5000 LPH, the Multicolumn Distillation Plant is used for its economy, low maintenance and low operation costs.

Some of the special features of Multicolumn Distillation Plant are:

  • Pure Sterile Pyrogen free distilled water conforming to USP standards.

  • Compact in design.

  • All contact Parts are in SS 316 / SS 316 L.

  • Electro polished crevice less inner contact surfaces.

  • PLC based system for automated operation.

  • Sanitary triclover fittings for quick and easy preventive maintenance.

  • Double tube Sheet construction for the first column, where boiler steam is present.

  • Synoptic panel board with facility for logging the data can also be given.

Multi Column Distillation Plant:

We offer a range of multi column distillation plants that are manufactured from high-grade raw material and have a capacity of 50 to 2500 ltrs.


To generate WFI water for injection / Large volume of Parenteral.

CAPACITY : 50 to 2500 Ltrs.



  • IP/BP/USP specifications compliance.

  • Distillate Temperature 95C

  • Conductivity : Less than 0.5 Siemens/cm.

  • Endotoxing Less than 0.25 Eu./ml.

  • TOC 100 PPB.


  • Purified water with max. conductivity of 0.5 micromhos/cm. should be used.

  • Pressure should be 1 kg/cm higher than the in feed steam pressure.

  • Temperature Ambient 30C


  • Normal tap water is used

  • Provided hardness is less than 90 PPM of CaCo3.

  • Temperature Ambient 30C


  • Steam must be saturated, dry free from oil, vapors and other impurities.
    (A steam filter to obtain 3, clear quality steam is recommended ask for details)

  • Pressure min steam pressure of 3 kg./cm is essential to guarantee pyrogen-free distillate.


To feed purified water & heat with boiler steam & generate clean steam and condense with cool water which is WFI.


  • Energy Saving - Low operating cost.

  • Compact Design - Space saving.

  • All contact parts are S. S 316L and all joints are sealed with Teflon Gasket.

  • Fully Automatic operation - No Attendant required.


  • Save water consumption & Boiler steam consumption.

  • Complete close loop system. No air contamination.

  • On line conductivity.

  • If sub standard conductivity will come dumping automatically through 3 way valve.

MultiColumn Distillation Plant, Multi Column Distillation Plant
Multicolumn Distillation Plant


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