Conductivity Meter

We offer to our clients conductivity meters which is a fully solid state instrument and comes incorporated with latest IC based circuit for meeting varied industrial and laboratory applications. Providing a reliable means to constantly check and monitor the level of soluble impurities in (aqueous) liquids, our product comes with features like :

Features :

  • Option provided for control action and current transmission.

  • Instrument provides AC excitation voltage of appropriate amplitude and frequency to conductivity cell. The measured conductivity is indicated on a 31/2 digit LED display.

  • Option of adjusting control set points through out the range of measurement.

  • Temperature Compensation available to compensate for actual process Temp.

  • Comes with 'PBS1 conductivity cell (Sensors)

  • Suitable conductivity sensors of SS 316 / SS 316L & teflon material are precision constructed to provide high degree of accuracy and reliability.

  • Cell constant of K=0.01,0.1,1 & 10 are also available.

  • Cells are available with different type of fittings, mountings and assemblies.

  • High Pressure Cell (Sensors) are also available.

Applications :

  • Water Treatment Plants: Useful for on-line checking of conductivity at the out let of water treatment plants having conductivity range from 0.1 to 30,000 mS/cm.

  • Useful for online TDS monitoring of auto blow down systems.

  • Apart from these, some other applications they are used in include:

    • Used for checking TDS in evaporative cooling towers.

    • Used for rinse water & bath concentration in plating & metal treatment.

    • To test presence of chemical impurity in wash water in Food processing, Dairy, Brewery and other industries.

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